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These secret subliminal audio recordings truly have the power to transform you into the person you have always wanted to be!

Many have actively guarded its availability due to its incredibly powerful and potent effects on the mind.

These audio recordings contain secret algorithms and have been engineered to create incredible results.

We here at pride ourselves on having the finest subliminal audio recordings available anywhere on the net, you may have just stumbled across the very thing that will change your life forever.

They WILL create guaranteed long lasting effective change – in any area you seek.

What you are about to discover can truly transform you into the human being you’ve always wanted to be, whether that be to unlock a higher IQ, learn a new skill or simply boost your self esteem and confidence – it is now possible.

Available from us DIRECT and nowhere else, these extraordinarily powerful recordings can be yours to create, change and improve your life forever.

Our subliminal message MP3 CDs use the latest findings in psychology together with major advances in subliminal research to produce THE most effective series of subliminal cd recordings ever made.

Everything begins with a thought, think it enough times and feel it enough times and this inevitably becomes you’re belief. Belief spills over into ACTION which create RESULTS! The power of belief is real!

Normal human voice sonogram (70-5,000Hz) Transformed voice output (14,500 Hz)
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Unleash your true potential for amazing super learning and mind reprogramming!

If you truly want to effect change in your life then please read on.

If you are looking to create permanent lasting changes in your life, then you have come to the right place.

The shortest and most direct way to achieve your goals in life and to unleash your full potential – is through YOUR MIND!

We will show you how you can quickly and easily harness the power of your mind to create a life filled with more passion, excitement, confidence and joy than you could ever have imagined.

Whatever is your biggest desire or dream at this point in your life, you have the ability to achieve and create it. It really is within your reach.

No matter how desperate your situation is, no matter how distant and out of reach your aspirations may seem, you will discover how you can finally break free from the chains that bind you and finally start making your dreams come true.

In fact, the powerful subliminal recordings you are about to experience are so simple to use, you will be amazed at how easy your life will be transformed in order to open a world of new opportunities for you.

All successful people have learned the secrets of how to harness the special power within themselves to get what they want out of life and you can too! Allowing you to live a more full life while others struggle and fail.

There is an infinite source of intelligence and wisdom within you called the miracle of your subconscious mind.

When awakened, this inner giant creates magic. Not stage magic but the real magic of manifestation contained within YOU.

Everyone has this at birth but few recognize this powerful secret and use it to its maximum effect. Now is your chance to be one of them.

We do not exist to be ordinary. We come to enjoy and to realize our full potential and release our infinite and universal power to live a life that’s extra-ordinary.

Our conscious minds are now being found through research to be only capable of doing two or three things at once. But our unconscious minds are capable of doing so very much more.

Our subconscious is that which takes care of us when we drive from one place to another and cannot remember exactly how we did that. It has immense power and whether you recognize it or not plays a very important part in our lives.

And that’s exactly what happens in our actual life. Our subconscious mind leads us to the destination of life that it believes we want to go to!

Our actions and behaviors, follow the instructions deeply imbedded in our subconscious, without even realizing it. Just as when we unconsciously followed the instructions when driving our car.

A computer might need a million instructions to achieve that but we did it on ‘auto-pilot’. All without “consciously” thinking about it.

Once you realize this – that your subconscious mind is taking you on a journey – you may also begin to realize that this journey and destination is not where you want to go!

With this new awakening you can begin to understand that where you are right now – is not your fault.

Years of programming, especially the early years have been carved deeply into our subconscious mind – programs that create our core inner values and beliefs which in turn govern our life.

And these core values ​​and beliefs control not only what we think, but how people identify us, how we handle money, how we express ourselves, who we choose as friends and colleagues and most importantly the goals we aspire to. In short they make up our entire being.

Most of what we have absorbed through parents, teachers, friends and the media although often well meaning is based on fears and limitations and can be quite difficult to erase.

What’s worse is that research shows that every time we ‘play’ these subtle negative thoughts, deep habits and old programs that keep sabotaging our effort to bring positive change in our lives, they are reinforced and become more ingrained. The sooner you start the better.

You could spend your whole life being overwhelmed and never recognize its true presence.

But now is the time to access the hidden inner giant inside you and claim the things you truly want in life by unleashing your unlimited power.

Imagine for a moment, what it feels like to have all that you want in life. Love, money, success, recognition, a rich and full life.

Imagine now how much easier and faster it would be if we could bypass the conscious mind that filters messages and send messages directly to the subconscious mind!

We have designed these very powerful subliminal cds to do just that. A technique that actually re-programs your subconscious beliefs and allows your subconscious to lead you to the destination of your choice and accelerates the transformation process.

Sending specially constructed phrases and affirmations for abundance, empowerment, freedom, success, love, health and energy directly to your subconscious.

As your subconscious mind listens and absorbs these positive messages they begin to become hard wired transforming your life in imperceptible ways, building layer upon layer, creating permanent personal transformation.

Simply relax and listen and before long our unique subliminal cds will literally erase all negative thoughts, beliefs and emotional habits that do not support you, replacing them with soaring confidence, untold happiness and immense willpower for the future.

All our MP3 CD use a revolutionary new way to reprogram your mind – effortlessly.

The fact is all subliminal’s are trying to gain access to the subconscious mind – that part of us that often trips us up unawares. There are various ways to try to do this but up until now no-one has truly succeeded. The problem is that in creating a subliminal the vocal messages are not audible. All subliminal processes destroy the original signal and it is non-recoverable – therefore no-one can really be sure whether a) any messages are actually there and b) if the brain ever receives them.

That’s why most subliminal’s just don’t work and if they do, its due to what’s known as the placebo effect – i.e. such strong belief that the mind creates the effect itself.

Although placebo maybe a welcome side effect what if there was a technology so advanced that not only could the masked subliminal audio signals be seen but they could also be demonstrably reverse engineered to prove not only that they were there but also that they where actually being broadcast on a separate channel and heard by the subconscious.

Now for the first time ever that is not only possible but you are just moments away from experiencing it for yourself.

Using the latest audio technology algorithms it is now possible to not only broadcast positive messages to yourself but to also bypass the conscious brain and go direct to the subconscious. An almost direct highway straight to the subconscious part of the brain.

Together with our specially prepared proprietary affirmation change scripts and breakthrough subliminal audio technology, not only can you change your behavior almost effortlessly but by using this system you can be assured of your daily dose of mind programming. Real subliminal messages are powerful – very powerful. Using this system, subliminal messages penetrate deep into the subconscious mind – where the real work begins. You owe it to yourself to try the best – you really can’t afford not too.

For the first time ever you have access to the most powerful tool ever created to bring about change in ourselves – our own minds!

Don’t waste a minute more of your life trying so hard to change things, when it really can be this easy. Unleash YOUR innate ability to bring about the changes you desire in YOUR life.

Start today – there has never been another NOW – and your choice will determine YOUR FUTURE.

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